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Always, when making a trip

Always, when making a trip, there are setbacks, if it is not that the plane was delayed, is that we forgot something indispensable for the trip, others may be the climate of the place to which we visited, which is not what we had planned, and all the clothing we carry is not going to work all that well, as people we get disturbed, and even we do not think it is our day for knowing our place of destination, can also happen that our seats are near a person noisy, or carrying children, which for many who do not carry one, it is annoying. Now, imagine arriving at your destination, what would happen if you find yourself again with that child noisy plane?, or worse yet, you can hear at a great distance that there is another more annoying, that would make you be sadly, and even prefer staying in your hotel just watching television, or choose to replace all your plans, but perhaps, what seems to just feel uncomfortable with the travel of your dreams and not be able to perform all your tour planned?, it is obviously not something you want to anyone, and even more when that person came out with great illusion to the whole island, its history and a different country. To all this, there is an advantage, something that can be done when one does not want any unforeseen ruin your trip, of course there are other circumstances that may make you not want to return to the country, but a detail arising, cannot be a reason for dropping out completely, if you are one of those people, who do not want other people to interrupt your itinerary, or do not want to collate to itinerary of others, and they want to know and experience all the exciting places alone, as a private tour is your best choice.

Santorini is a place of dreams, there are many tour guides, who can offer their services for a certain time, the advantage of choosing this option is that all places that you will say to guide and these take you without any problem, you create the entire path you want to follow, and the guide adapts to you, of course, this is excellent, because you are going to know the places you decided to go to Santorini, many times people have the same routes but in more than any place differ their preferences, that is why these guides provide an environment of stability among tourists. The tour lasts about 4 to 5 hours, includes comfortable transportation, which is excellent, as the weather can be a little warm, that is why the cars have air conditioning, an advantage of choosing this tour, is that they’re going to pick up the hotel in which you stay, before starting the tour, must raise the route to follow, as well guides can propose sites that many visitors are lost when you continue your tour, the most well-known places, and recommend those who do not possess great influx of people, of course that’s depend on the person, in order that tourists make the most of your stay at The island. An excellent recommendation proposed by the tourists is the archaeological site of Akrotiri , which is located in the southern part of the island has one of the archaeological sites with prehistoric remains most important in the Mediterranean, since in the archaeological remains have been found at the beginning of the Bronze Age, which shows that Santorini was one of the most important urban centers of the Mediterranean. It is an ancient city that was buried underground following the eruption of the volcano of Santorini. In fact, the state of conservation in which is due to the solidified volcanic ash that covered – it has been related to the legend of the Lost City of Atlantis, and is also known as the “Pompeii Minoica”.

The site occupies approximately 20 hectares, and in the ruins have been found very well-preserved: sophisticated buildings of several plants with beautiful frescoes typical of the Minoan art. In addition to the houses, they also found several chapels or shrines in which there was pottery or stone (the “ritones”), jugs, cups, tables of offerings‚ĶThefrescoes that were found in the lustral bathroom of the sanctuary represent a goddess and an altar. But in the houses (House of the ladies and House of the West) there are also beautiful frescoes: “The young fisherman” and “The Maritime festival”. Thanks to the archaeological site of Akrotiri we can imagine how people lived in cities in the Minoan times. On the other hand, if you are more inclined to relaxing experiences, although this definition can vary for each because if you are looking for imagine not to forget in your memory, include in your tour with a visit to the quiet beaches of black sand and red before contemplating the sunset in the village Oia, is your best option, although the influx of people are greater in the hours in which about the sunset as it is cataloged as one of the most beautiful around the world because of its white houses and blue domes. Cobbled streets and winding. A view of the horizon with a volcano in the background. A cliffriddledwithhouses. The expectations with respect to that view is huge, usually the sky is clear, as the sun descends, the rays are going by placing all the streets of the island, to make it in a genuine phenomenon of lights, since many of these are white, the reaction of people, it is not expected, all are surprised, for what their eyes see, and many of their cameras were not sufficient to cover the whole show that is presented to them. For many it can be tedious and even foolish to think that with only a sunset you can have so many emotions, but see the face of astonishment of the people and the rays rebounds  in the white walls is an experience that only you can experience in Santorini, you can opt to arrive alone or accompanied by your private guide.